Friday, March 18, 2011

5 and 10 percent discounts on sak yant ebook and Buddhist amulets

Thailand-Amulets.Net are now the official distributors of the Sak Yant ebook and Buddha Magic ezines.
They offer 10% discount this month to existing customers of their Thai Buddhist amulet and Buddhist Epublication store, and a 5% reduction on all products to new customers. So if you were considering buying the ebook or getting any amulets, now is the time to get a discount deal.
All stores within the Buddha Magic, Sak-Yant.Com and as well as the blog are the same store so you have one login and customer account for all domains.

Sak Yant E Book + Buddha Magic 1 - 4 (Five Ebook Megapack save 12 Dollars)

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