Friday, August 12, 2011

Sak Yant tattoos by various Ajarn Sak

Sak Yant Tattoos from various Samnak

 Sak Yant by Ajarn Kob (Ayuttaya)

 Yant by Luang Pi Phaew - Wat Bang Pra

 Ajarn Nuad in his Ashram in Kanjanaburi

 Famous Legend - Yant Hanuman number 9 Tua Kroo - Luang Por Lae (Petchburi)

 Yant Suea Hua Khad - Ajarn Pon Payakkarach

 Yant Hongs - Ajarn Pon Payakkarach

 Yant Suea Phaen (leaping tiger) - Ajarn Dech

 Mon Tradition style Hongsa (Himapant animal)

Above; Sacred ancient yant grimoires and sak yant ritual instruments i am saving to purchase for the Museum section of the Sak Yant Foundation Project

Please join up with the sak yant foundation fan page on facebook to keep tabs on the progress and developments.

Friday, March 18, 2011

5 and 10 percent discounts on sak yant ebook and Buddhist amulets

Thailand-Amulets.Net are now the official distributors of the Sak Yant ebook and Buddha Magic ezines.
They offer 10% discount this month to existing customers of their Thai Buddhist amulet and Buddhist Epublication store, and a 5% reduction on all products to new customers. So if you were considering buying the ebook or getting any amulets, now is the time to get a discount deal.
All stores within the Buddha Magic, Sak-Yant.Com and as well as the blog are the same store so you have one login and customer account for all domains.

Sak Yant E Book + Buddha Magic 1 - 4 (Five Ebook Megapack save 12 Dollars)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lanna Agkhara Sak Yant Tattoo

This lettering used for the Kata is in Northern style, and has 11 rows (sib ed Taew)
It doesnt seem tomakemuch sense to me with 11 rows. The lettering is in Lanna Agkhara, not Khom. The photo was posted on the wat bang pra website forums.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yant Putsoorn Yant Mahaniyom Ajarn Bpum

Invisible oil sak yant tattoos by Ajarn Bpum of Wat Sala Daeng

Ajarn Bpum (and these pictures) are featured in the new Sak Yant E-Book which is released to the public on 15th July 2010

Below; Ajarn Bpum from Wat Sala Daeng uses the Mai Sak to tattoo a looksit.

Yant Hongs Ajarn Lao Singapore

Apart from Yant Hongs, this photo also features Yant Grao Paetch, Mahaniyom,and Pra Pikanes

Yant Paed Tidt LP Phaew

Made by Hlwong Pi Phaew, Wat Bang Pra
หลวงพี่แป๊ว สักยันต์แปดทิศ

Yant Ha Taew Angelina Jolie Tattoo

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